Spectacle, Part I, designed by Drew Sisk
Spectacle, Part I, installed as part of Working On It,
Branch Museum of Architecture and Design
Richmond, Virginia, April 2017

Exhibition design and fabrication
This installation is an exploration of contradiction, exaggeration, and hyperbole—an exposed wrinkle of the hyperreality of politics and media. Here the teleprompter is flipped around—instead of an accessory to the podium, it replaces it. We see the surface of the reflective glass and through it simultaneously. The glass is the mediator between the viewer and the scrolling text emitted below in mirror image. The text implicates the audience as both passive viewer and active reader.

Spectacle from Drew Sisk on Vimeo.

Spectacle, Part I by Drew Sisk, VCU MFA
Spectacle, Part I by Drew Sisk, VCU MFA