• Hope College.

    Hope College is a research-oriented small liberal arts college in Holland, Michigan. Founded by Dutch immigrant members of the Reformed Church, the college is known today for combining non-prescriptive exploration of faith and purpose with high quality programs in the humanities, sciences and the arts.

    Conceptually, the Hope College brand focuses on the “fully alive” experience at the college. Students curate their experiences at Hope, drawing from an array of strong academic offerings, highly relevant cultural exchanges, and unscripted, organic dialogue and discovery.

    Visually, the Hope brand is held together by dynamism and intention. Vibrant colors, layered elements, and energetic photography combine dynamically to convey the fully alive theme. At the same time, an intentional system of organization—a strong underlying grid, clean layouts free of unnecessary decoration, focus on informational hierarchy and clarity, and carefully planned assymetry—reference Dutch design principals, linking the school’s image back to its Dutch roots.

    More to come in this series.

    Designed while working at EM2 under the direction of Chris Martin and Alex Bundrick.